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Traveling in freedom: How airlines can play vital roles in fighting human trafficking

December 20, 2018

Airline professionals have unique opportunities to interface with traffickers or victims before they reach their destination.

More than four walls: The anti-trafficking housing landscape and the reality of finding shelter

November 07, 2018

Despite the anti-trafficking community’s great strides to create a safety net for survivors, there are still many systematic and inadvertent barriers that block survivors from accessing the critical housing they need.

The role domestic violence shelters play in supporting human trafficking survivors

October 30, 2018

Many domestic violence (DV) programs have come to understand?the profound similarities?in the experiences of DV and human trafficking. Both situations are rooted in?power and control. ?Survivors in both are often hurt by someone they see as an?intimate partner. Both can face similar cycles of violence. And both often face a need for safe, emergency housing.